Enameling Technology

Porcelain (vitreous) enamel provides a durable coating on many different objects & substrates.

The enameling technology is therefore characterized by a large variety of processes and application methods and ditto different types of enameling equipment.

Our company is specialized in setting up new enameling plants and optimizing the performance of existing enameling operations.

Enameling Technology & Processes

Over time many different enameling processes have been developed to reduce enameling cost and/or
meet environmental requirements. 

We may assist you to select the most suitable enameling process for your product, production and/or environmental requirements. 

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Enameling Equipment

We may assist you with selecting the right enameling equipment for your application with the lowest cost of ownership.

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Enameling Plants

Most industrial enameling plants are optimized for coating one type of product, although there are also very flexible enameling plants, which are designed to process many different products.

An enameling plant is more then a collection of enameling equipment.

Its layout may have a significant effect on the achieved coating quality,
operational enameling cost and ease of future maintenance.

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Troubleshooting enameling processes & equipment

We may provide hands-on support when dealing with technical issues, such as :

  •  Identifying root cause(s) of enamel defects
  •  Conducting independent plant audits
  •  Conducting independent equipment inspections
  •  Providing corrective & preventive maintenance advice

Resolving enamel defects

Enamel defects may result in rework & in the worst case in scrapping of your almost finished goods.

In consequence, it is having a great impact on your enameling cost & plant output.

Identifying the root-cause of enameling defects is not always easy.

DTC may provide remote and/or on-site assistance with identification, classification & resolution of enameling defects.

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Preventive Maintenance of enameling equipment

Equipment breakdowns may effect the quality of your coating, increase your enameling cost and/or reduce the output of your enameling plant.

Regular preventive maintenance instead of corrective maintenance will reduce the chance on breakdowns.

DTC may provide independent maintenance advice based on plant/equipment inspections.