Semi automatic flow coating machines for wet enameling complex objects

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Ditmer Trading & Consulting BV developed together with Alpha Robotica & Franken Techniek two semi automatic flow coating machines for wet enameling the in- & outside of complex shaped heat exchangers.

wet enamel flow coating machine
Internal flow coater during pre-assembly in The Netherlands

These bespoke machines are designed in full compliance with the latest EU machine directive and integrate enamel preparation, storage & application functions.

Enamel sieving & storage
Pump skid with integrated vibrating sieves, agitated storage tanks & load cell.

Each machine is equipped with a large Fanuc robot with 6 axes and special gripper, which will pick-up the heat-exchangers and manipulate them continuously during application  to ensure a uniform enamel film distribution.

robot gripper
Product gripper mounted on Fanuc robot with protective cover

Contact us, if you are interested to learn more about our bespoke solutions for industrial porcelain (vitreous) enameling operations.

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