Troubleshooting industrial enameling processes & equipment

We assist manufacturers worldwide with troubleshooting industrial enameling processes & equipment

  • Identify rootcause(s) of enamel defects
  • Conducting independent plant audits
  • Conducting independent equipment inspections
  • Providing corrective & preventive maintenance advice

Enamel defects

Enamel defects may result in rework & in the worst case in scrapping of your almost finished goods.

In consequence it is having a great impact on your enameling cost & plant output.

Identifying the rootcause of enameling defects is not always easy.

DTC may provide remote and/or on-site assistance with identification, classification & resolution of enameling defects.

Equipment breakdown

Equipment breakdowns may effect the quality of your coating, increase your enameling cost and/or reduce the output of your enameling plant.

Regular preventive maintenance instead of corrective maintenance will reduce the chance on breakdowns.

DTC may provide independent maintenance advice based on plant/equipment inspections.


  • Ronald Ditmer

    Ronald Ditmer is the founder and managing director of Ditmer Trading & Consulting BV. Involved in the porcelain enameling industry since 1984 and specialized in setting-up complete enameling plants, designing enameling equipment and troubleshooting enameling processes & equipment.

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