Enameling cost reduction

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Porcelain (vitreous) enameling is a relative complex coating process with many steps & dito variables.

This complexity makes it very well suited for continuous improvement initiatives.

Below some examples of possible area’s for cost reduction.

Reduce rework & scrap

Enameling defects may result in reworking & in the worst case in scrapping your enamelled object.

Reducing the rework & scrap rate of your enameling plant will increase its output & lower the enameling cost.

Optimize labor cost

Labor cost is one of the three biggest cost drivers at any industrial enameling plant.

Improving the skill & knowledge of the labor force may increase its productivity, while process automation will reduce the need for labor.

Reduce energy consumption

Energy is typical the third biggest cost at an enameling plant.

Main energy consumers are the enameling furnace, dryers and/or pretreatment systems.

Extend machinery life

Amortization of the capital equipment is one of the biggest cost drivers of an enameling plant.

Operating the equipment at the appropriate settings & regular planned maintenance will extend its technical lifetime and thus lower the operation cost per machine hour.

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