Industrial standards for the enameling industry

Compliance with governmental regulations & guidelines and voluntary industrial standards is getting increasingly important in order to sell your (enameled) products both domestic & international.

At the same time, these regulations & standards are introduced and/or modified at a faster space then before and keeping up with all these developments is challenging for most organisations.

This website may assist you by providing an overview of recent developments via automatically aggregated information from multiple sources.

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Update ISO standards for porcelain enamels

The following ISO standards, related to the porcelain/vitreous enameling industry, are currently under review by the Technical Commitee 107 of the International Organization for Standardization :

•ISO 19496-1 Terminology – Part 1
•ISO 19496-2 Terminology – Part 2
•ISO 20274 Thermal expansion
•ISO 28706-2 Resistance against chemical corrosion

See ISO website for more details.