Enamel frit formulation

As reported during the 24th International Enamellers congress in Chicago last May, vitreous enamel frit manufacturers, particularly in Europe, are working to reduce or eliminate the use of metals like cobalt and nickel as well as the use of boron compounds.

This effort is being driven by proposed EU standards for these metals in drinking water and food contact.

Source: PEI business letter Q4 2018

North American P/E market data

The Porcelain Enameling Institute (PEI) reports in their business letter Q4 2018 that :

– the North American market is about 125 MM pounds in total

– the enamel frit production is expected to continue a level slightly above 2018

– There are some raw material price pressures that can impact the cost of P/E frit, colors and other ingredients

Enamel frit
Enamel frit

Improved visibility with nLighten

Nordson Corporation introduce their “nLighten” technology for the Encore manual powder coating gun range.

nLighten kit
Improved visibility with nLighten technology

This kit improve the visibility during application and may so reduce rework & rejects and increase efficiency & safety.

Suitable for powder paint & powder enamel operations.

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