Mefrit s.r.o.

Mefrit s.r.o., the famous enamel frit producer from Melnik in the Czech Republic, will be merged with Glazura s.r.o. and soon be deleted from the commercial register.

DEV Email 3/2020 published

The German enamel association has published the latest edition of their enamel magazine, which contains among other the following topics :

  • Limits for metals – trace elements or poison ? Part 2
  • The development & application of steel sheet for glass-lining at Baosteel

German Enamel Course postponed

The 79th edition of the German Enamel Course has been postponed till September 2021, due to COVID-19 related restrictions.

The IBE (Informations und Bildungszentrum Email e.v.) is expected to provide an update in spring 2021.

European Enamel Authority

The European Enamel Authority will change it name into European Enamel Association.

It will furthermore relocate their offices from Hagen (Germany) to Brussels (Belgium).

Source: DEV newsletter 1/2020

Second hand enameling furnace

One of our relations would like to sell off their gas fired enameling furnace, brand Emisan.

The main characteristics of this furnace read as follows :

Hotzone length : 12,6 m

Maximum production : 1400 kg gr/hr

Firing cube : 730 x 700 x 760 mm

Installed energy : 600,000 kCal/h

Radiant tubes : 10

Temperature zones : 4

Gas fired Emisan enameling furnace

Please feel free to contact us, if you need any further information and/or assistance.