Ultrasonic thickness measurement

With ultrasonic thickness measurement, you may detect the thickness of individual layers within a multi layer coating.

This may be of great help, when troubleshooting e.g. a two coats / one fire vitreous enameling process.

See our webshop for more details about this and other film thickness gauges.

ultrasonic thickness gauge
ultrasonic thickness gauge


Happy New Year !

DTC thanks all customers, suppliers & other business partners for the pleasant co-operation in 2017 and wish everyone a Happy & Healthy 2018 !

National firework at the Erasmus bridge in Rotterdam

DTC’s anniversary

Ditmer Trading & Consulting BV is celebrating its tenth anniversary on November 20, 2017 and we herewith want to thank all our customers, suppliers and other business partners for the pleasant co-operation.

New DTC website

The content of our original website www.ditmer.nl has grown considerably, but over time its maintenance & navigation has become cumbersome.

For this reason we have decided to set-up a complete new website www.dtc-bv.com with an advanced CMS and more logical structure.

Of course we will transfer all legacy content from www.ditmer.nl to this new platform during the coming period.