Second hand enameling furnace

One of our relations is searching for a gas fired furnace for enameling cooker parts.

Ideal dimensions would be 12 to 16 meters hotzone and 900 mm product height.

Please contact us, if interested to sell your existing enameling furnace.

ISO 28706-2 test equipment

Ready to ship another “Vetter system” for testing vitreous enamel resistance against chemical corrosion, according to ISO 28706-2, to world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company.

Vetter test system ISO 28706-2
ISO 28706-2 test equipment ready for dispatch

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Ditmer Trading & Consulting BV is now also reachable during office hours via Whatsapp messenger for information and support.

Our Whatsapp number read : +31786169877

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Ditmer Enameling Technology

Ditmer Enameling TechnologyTM is a registered trade name of Ditmer Trading & Consulting B.V., which is applied to a range of proprietary equipment & services for the porcelain/vitreous enameling industry, like the powder enamel adhesion tester shown below.

Powder enamel adhesion tester
Powder enamel adhesion tester

Classic reference book about vitreous enameling

Received earlier today a new batch of “Porcelain (Vitreous) Enamels and Industrial Enamelling Processes” book.

enamel reference book

This classic reference book, which describes in detail many aspects of vitreous enameling technology & equipment is a must for every professional enamelist.

Please note that the current edition is nearly sold out !

This excellent book and other literature about vitreous enameling technology, may be found at our webshop ( .

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Ultrasonic thickness measurement

With ultrasonic thickness measurement, you may detect the thickness of individual layers within a multi layer coating.

This may be of great help, when troubleshooting e.g. a two coats / one fire vitreous enameling process.

See our webshop for more details about this and other film thickness gauges.

ultrasonic thickness gauge
ultrasonic thickness gauge