Enamel frit formulation

As reported during the 24th International Enamellers congress in Chicago last May, vitreous enamel frit manufacturers, particularly in Europe, are working to reduce or eliminate the use of metals like cobalt and nickel as well as the use of boron compounds.

This effort is being driven by proposed EU standards for these metals in drinking water and food contact.

Source: PEI business letter Q4 2018

Glass-fused-to-steel tanks & silo’s

GFS (Glass-Fused-to-Steel) is a frequently used alternative name for vitreous enamel to describe the most durable coating for a storage tank or silo.

Example of glass-fused-to-steel storage silo
Example of glass-fused-to-steel bolted feed storage silo’s (Source Harvestore)

Depending upon the required functional coating characteristics, the applied enamel film may consist of 1, 2 or sometimes even 3 consecutive layers.

These tanks & silo’s are typically designed and manufactured according to AWWA D103-09 and/or ISO 28765.


Automatic enameling plant for water heaters

Depending upon the annual production volume, it might be interesting to reduce labor cost by integrating all equipment of an enameling plant for water heaters and/or solar boilers.

Such integration may be done with traditional monorail conveyors in combination with automatic transfer devices, like on the picture below.

Automatic transfer unit for large boilers
Automatic transfer unit for large boilers

Alternatively a so-called power & free conveyor system may be used.

This conveyor type consist of two conveyor tracks above each other.

Example of power and free conveyor

On the lower level free cars may run, while via the power chain at the upper level the free cars may be (dis)connected and transported.

Nowadays there are P+F systems, which thanks to a very special transfer system even include the transport of products within the enameling furnace.

Furnace with Power & Free conveyor
Enameling furnace with Power & Free conveyor

DTC may assist with the evaluation, which solution is most suitable for your vitreous enameling project.