Fishscaling of porcelain/vitreous enamel coatings


Fishscaling is an enameling defect, which is characterized by small enamel particles chipping off.

Chipping off may happen directly after firing when cooling down or sometimes even days later.

example of enamel defect called fishscaling

Effected products may usually not be repaired. Due to this reason, this defect is still one of the most described topics within the international enameling industry.
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Troubleshooting enameling defects

Resolving enamel defects during an industrial manufacturing process requires a structured three steps approach.

Step I Identify the right defect.
This may sound silly, but it is sometimes not easy to determine what is the exact defect. Incorrect identification will lead to the wrong causes & remedies.
Step II Evaluate possible causes.
Focus your attention on the most logical ones first.
Step III Implement appropriate remedies.


Due to the relative complex nature of enameling processes, it might not be easy to resolve an enamel defect.

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