• Witnessing installation of enameling equipment

    Customers sometimes ask us to witness the installation of enameling equipment at their factory in order to assure that the job is done in time & according to specifications.

  • DEV Email 3/2022 published

    The German Enamel Association has published the latest edition of their enamel magazine.

  • Powder enamel sampling

    Powder enamel sampling

    It is recommended to take samples of each batch of powder enamel upon arrival at your factory in order to verify its properties, such as particle size distribution, fluidity, etc.

  • Test equipment for ISO 28706-2

    Test equipment for ISO 28706-2

    Today we shipped another “Vetter system” to a well-known Testing, Inspection & Certification company. Such “Vetter system” is used to determine the resistance of vitreous & porcelain enamels against chemical corrosion according to ISO 28706-2. See for more information about Vetter test equipment.

  • Liquid cold enamel

    Liquid cold enamel

    Shipping this week 50 bottles liquid cold enamel to a major appliances manufacturer in South Africa. Liquid cold enamel may be used to correct small imperfections without repeating the enamel coating process. The liquid cold enamel is available at our webshop in 20 standard colors. In case of large orders, liquid cold enamel can also […]

  • Ferro slump tester

    Ferro slump tester

    Today we shipped another Ferro slump tester to a customer within the EU. Such slump testers with adjustable legs and level indicator are used for testing the rheology of wet enamel slip prior to application. See for more details of this product.

  • Blog posts shown on webshop

    Blog posts shown on webshop

    Improved the capabilities of our webshop (, so that as of today (breaking) news may be shown on its frontpage and relevant blog posts may be shown at individual product pages. Would be interested to receive feedback from our customers, whether these new features are useful.

  • Call for papers

    The Japan Enamel Association is still accepting papers for the upcoming International Enameller’s Congress, which will be held in Kyoto from May 8th till 11th, 2023. The new schedule for papers and presentations is as follows: Abstracts Due – May 31st, 2022 Acceptance Notification – June 30th, 2022 Finished Papers Required – October 31st, 2022 […]

  • DEV Email 2/2022 published

    The German Enamel Association has published the latest edition of their enamel magazine.

  • Prince completes acquisition of Ferro Corporation

    Prince International Corporation completes acquisition of Ferro Corporation, combines with Chromaflo Technologies and renames company Vibrantz Technologies Inc.