Improved visibility with nLighten

Nordson Corporation introduce their “nLighten” technology for the Encore manual powder coating gun range.

nLighten kit
Improved visibility with nLighten technology

This kit improve the visibility during application and may so reduce rework & rejects and increase efficiency & safety.

Suitable for powder paint & powder enamel operations.

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Automatic enameling plant for water heaters

Depending upon the annual production volume, it might be interesting to reduce labor cost by integrating all equipment of an enameling plant for water heaters and/or solar boilers.

Such integration may be done with traditional monorail conveyors in combination with automatic transfer devices, like on the picture below.

Automatic transfer unit for large boilers
Automatic transfer unit for large boilers

Alternatively a so-called power & free conveyor system may be used.

This conveyor type consist of two conveyor tracks above each other.

Example of power and free conveyor

On the lower level free cars may run, while via the power chain at the upper level the free cars may be (dis)connected and transported.

Nowadays there are P+F systems, which thanks to a very special transfer system even include the transport of products within the enameling furnace.

Furnace with Power & Free conveyor
Enameling furnace with Power & Free conveyor

DTC may assist with the evaluation, which solution is most suitable for your vitreous enameling project.




Sourcing critical spare parts

The availability of spare parts is essential for keeping your enameling plant up & running.

DTC has 30+ years experience with the design, delivery & installation of equipment for industrial porcelain (vitreous) enameling plants.

Over these years we have developed a broad industrial network, which enables us to source criticial spare parts for enamelling equipment previously supplied by :

  • Ferro Holland
  • Smit Ovens
  • Smit Sinus Enamelling
  • Alliance Enamel Engineering
  • Allied Enamel Supplies

Please contact DTC, if you have any difficulties to find replacement parts for your enameling facilities.

Wet enamel application

Porcelain enamel may be applied via a variety of wet application methods, such as dipping, flow-coating, slushing and spraying.

Originally application of porcelain enamel was done manually, as shown at the pictures below.

Manual wet enamel spraying of pan supportsManual enamel dipping of washing machine drums

With increasing labor cost and production volumes, manual application was replaced by automatic application. In order to reduce enameling cost and/or improve the coating quality, more advanced applications systems, such as electrostatic wet spraying, robot spraying and electrophoresis, where introduced in the 50’s and 60’s.

Old fashioned electrostatic wet enamel spraying system

Nowadays wet enamel is typically used for small production runs (of special colors), special enamels and/or when the product design isn’t suitable for electrostatic dry application.

Well-know liquid enamel application equipment producers include : Binks, Devilbiss, ECCO, EIC, Eisenmann, Fisher, Sames, VGT.

DTC may assist you to evaluate, which application method and/or equipment is most suitable for your products, and if required also help you with sourcing / procuring the appropriate machines.

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Pictures of industrial enameling equipment

Below pictures of various industrial enameling equipment. Click on the picture for more information.


Spraywasher for cooker parts
automatic pickling
Automatic pickling system
Shotblaster for hot water tanks / water heaters

Enamel preparation

ball mills
Ball mills
storage tanks
Storage tanks

Enamel application

Powder enamel systems for cooker parts
Powder enamel system for large water tanks

Enameling furnaces

Enameling furnace
Enameling furnace for holloware / cook utensils
Enameling furance for cooker parts