Second hand enameling furnace

One of our relations is searching for a gas fired furnace for enameling cooker parts.

Ideal dimensions would be 12 to 16 meters hotzone and 900 mm product height.

Please contact us, if interested to sell your existing enameling furnace.

2020 PEI Tech Forum Call for Papers

The Porcelain Enamel Institute, Inc. is seeking papers for their 82nd Technical Forum, which will be held at The Seelbach Hilton Hotel in Louisville, KY from May 12 till 14, 2020.

Title, author and abstract submission deadline – December 31, 2019

For more details please contact :

Stewart Hackler
Porcelain Enamel Institute, Inc.
+1 (770) 676-9366

ISO 28706-2 test equipment

Ready to ship another “Vetter system” for testing vitreous enamel resistance against chemical corrosion, according to ISO 28706-2, to world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company.

Vetter test system ISO 28706-2
ISO 28706-2 test equipment ready for dispatch

See the product page at our webshop for more details

DEV Email 5/2019 published

The German enamel association has published the latest edition of their enamel magazine, which contains among other the following topics :

  • Vitreous enamel coatings on aluminum foam.
  • Enamelled surfaces for food contact & drinking water
  • Glasslined stainless steel equipment

Smart Industry opens a world of possibilities

The world is in anticipation of a fourth industrial revolution.

This revolution is driven by giant leaps in ICT innovation and promises to radically alter the face of industry in the coming decades.

Smart industry

Automated production systems using advanced robotics increasingly communicate with each other on detailed aspects of production, joining up hitherto fragmented manufacturing processes.

By linking all steps in the value chain, a world of possibilities opens for companies, old and new.

See for more info about this topic.