Ditmer Enameling Technology

Ditmer Enameling TechnologyTM is a registered trade name of Ditmer Trading & Consulting B.V., which is applied to a range of proprietary equipment & services for the porcelain/vitreous enameling industry, like the powder enamel adhesion tester shown below.

Powder enamel adhesion tester
Powder enamel adhesion tester

Classic reference book about vitreous enameling

Received earlier today a new batch of “Porcelain (Vitreous) Enamels and Industrial Enamelling Processes” book.

enamel reference book

This classic reference book, which describes in detail many aspects of vitreous enameling technology & equipment is a must for every professional enamelist.

Please note that the current edition is nearly sold out !

This excellent book and other literature about vitreous enameling technology, may be found at our webshop (https://dtc-webshop.com) .

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Ferro 100 years

A century ago, Ferro Corporation started as a porcelain enamel manufacturer.

We herewith congratulate them with their centennial !

German enamel market

The recorded vitreous enamel consumption in Germany declined with 4% in volume but grew with 1.4% in value, according to the German enamel association DEV.

Reportedly the total volume for cast iron and steel enamels amounted to 6,367 metric ton in 2018.

(Source : email mitteilungen des deutschen email verbandes 2/2019)

Enamelled surfaces & food contact

We received via our network the following press release of TÜV Rheinland LGA Products GmbH

Release from enamelled objects in contact with foodstuffs – Test methods and permitted limits EN ISO 4531 published.

For some years it has been clear that the test conditions (time, temperature) and also the scope of testing of standard EN 1388-2 “Materials and articles in contact with foodstuffs – Silicate surfaces – Part 2: Determination of the release of lead and cadmium from silicate surfaces other than ceramic ware” of 1995, which dates back to a standard of 1985, are no longer up to date.

According to this standard, the release of lead and cadmium is tested at room temperature over 24 hours in 4% acetic acid. This does not correspond by far to the real use conditions, e.g. of enamelled pots. Continue reading “Enamelled surfaces & food contact”