New DTC website

The content of our original website has grown considerably, but over time its maintenance & navigation has become cumbersome.

For this reason we have decided to set-up a complete new website with an advanced CMS and more logical structure.

Of course we will transfer all legacy content from to this new platform during the coming period.

Nordson Versa-Spray II PE

Nordson has discontinued the production & sales of its famous Versa-Spray II guns & controls, after the introduction of Encore PE productline.

Over time the availability of spare parts for the Versa Spray II product range may no longer be guaranteed.

Fortunately DTC has still a few hardly used second hand items in stock.

Current Nordson VSII PE users may qualify for trading-in their existing powder enamel equipment for the latest Encore PE guns with either Encore LT controls or iControls at favorable terms.

Nordson Versa-Spray II PE gun with ceramic wear parts
Versa-Spray PE gun with ceramic wear parts