Glass-fused-to-steel tanks & silo’s

GFS (Glass-Fused-to-Steel) is a frequently used alternative name for vitreous enamel to describe the most durable coating for a storage tank or silo.

Example of glass-fused-to-steel storage silo
Example of glass-fused-to-steel bolted feed storage silo’s (Source Harvestore)

Depending upon the required functional coating characteristics, the applied enamel film may consist of 1, 2 or sometimes even 3 consecutive layers.

These tanks & silo’s are typically designed and manufactured according to AWWA D103-09 and/or ISO 28765.


Industrial enameling technology for boilers & hot water tanks

Porcelain enamel is used  by leading manufacturers of electric boilers, solar water heater and/or water storage tanks worldwide to protect their tanks  against corrosion.

This website describe the available technologies, plant concepts & equipment for applying a durable & cost effective porcelain enamel coating inside various types of hot water tanks.

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Enameling Technology

Enameling Plant Concepts

Enameling Equipment
Wet enamel Online solution

Offline wet solution

PicklingEnamel preparation

Wet application & drying


Powder enamel Online powder solutions

Offline powder solutions

Shot blastingPowder application


Ditmer Trading & Consulting BV assist companies worldwide by providing knowledge and independent advice about porcelain enameling technology,  plants & equipment.

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