Wet enamel preparation & milling

Prior to the actual application, porcelain enamel slip need to be prepared in accordance with the application requirements, such as fineness, set and specific gravity.

The traditional wet enamel preparation process (“milling”) consists of the following seven sequential steps :

  1. weighting of various frits & additions in accordance with the milling formulation
  2. loading ball mills
  3. adding water
  4. wet milling
  5. discharging ball mills
  6. sieving & magnetic screening of slip
  7. storage

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Enameling furnace atmosphere

inside view of an gasfired enameling furnaceA clean furnace atmosphere is important for obtaining good enameling results.

Elevated concentrations of CO2 and/or H2O may slow down the emission of gases from the metal substrate thru the enamel layer during the fusion stage and under certain unfavorable circumstances result in enameling defects such as pinholes & fish-scales.

CO2 & H2O may accumulate inside the furnace, if the combustion system is leaking and/or the forced abstraction of combustion gases is not sufficient.

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