Interactive remote assistance with augmented reality

DTC recently acquired state-of-the-art cloud-based software, which enhance our capabilities to provide real-time remote assistance to customers anywhere in the world.

The augmented reality of this software application enable us to view the camera stream of a smartphone at a remote location, while making simultaneously annotations on the screen, using VoIP and/or sending text chats.

The visual remote assistance software is ensuring secure connections by adopting industry-standard like SSL and 256-bit AES protocols.

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Preshipment inspections

Our technical services include conducting preshipment inspections for industrial enameling equipment.

Below an example of a batch type spray-degreaser, made of stainless steel, which we recently inspected.

Preshipment inspections - example of batch type spray-degreasing
Stainless steel spray washer during preshipment inspection


Thermal imaging of enameling furnaces

The performance of industrial enameling furnaces may gradually decline over time.

This may result in higher energy consumption (read increased enameling cost) and reduced quality of the coated surface.

In extreme cases the enameling furnace may even unexpectedly break down, because insulation has been damaged and/or worn out.

Therefore we suggest regular inspections & thermal imaging to identify major heat bridges and other spots with possible insulation issues.

Thermal imaging of industrial enameling furnace roof at hotzone near 180 degree turn
Thermal imaging of industrial enameling furnace roof

Thermograph inspection of enameling furnace door
Heat bridges at clean out door