Second hand enameling equipment (final call)

One of our relations has discontinue their enameling operations and is planning to disassemble their enameling furnace soon.

The following enameling equipment is therefore for sale :

  • Electrical heated low thermal mass enameling furnace
  • Drying conveyor
  • Various ball mills

Furnace specifications

  • Designed by Ferro Holland
  • Suitable for enameling tall products upto 1.8 meters, such as bath-tubs, panels, exhaust tubes and/or hot water tanks.
  • Installed heating power 1200 kW
  • Hotzone length 13 meters
  • 120 meters furnace conveyor

Drying conveyor specification

  • Cardan type
  • circa 200 meters length

Ball mills

Available with the following capacities :

2 x 50 kg

2 x 150 kg

2 x 500 kg


  • Ronald Ditmer

    Ronald Ditmer is the founder and managing director of Ditmer Trading & Consulting BV. Involved in the porcelain enameling industry since 1984 and specialized in setting-up complete enameling plants, designing enameling equipment and troubleshooting enameling processes & equipment.

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